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Helping Ed-Tech and Assessment businesses increase in value

Strategy development and sales execution expertise 

About Us
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What Adactia Does

Adactia Consulting provides strategy development and sales execution expertise to help Ed-Tech & Assessment businesses increase in value.

We work with you to understand your ambitions for the business and provide focused, actionable help to:

  • Enable your company to grow by selling more & selling better in the right markets for your products and services

  • Help your business to grow by finding the right investors and strategic partners

  • Create a strategy to maximise the long-term value of your business for when you want to seek external investment or sell your business

Our Services

Finding Investors & Strategic Partners

Help your business to grow through effective partnering & acquisition

Market Research & Analysis

Understand the potential of markets for your products and services and how to be successful in those markets

Search & Find of Acquisition targets

Identify high quality, high potential businesses for investment or acquisition

Sales Training & strategic bid support

Support your teams with the skills and knowledge they need to win more business in your chosen markets

Go to Market Strategies & Execution

Sell more & Sell better into the right markets for your company

Client Quotes

'I highly recommend Tim for his Edtech sales expertise. He was instrumental in helping us source potential buyers for our educational assessment company. He led negotiations in a professional and calm manner which enabled us to complete our transaction in a short time frame at a very attractive price. Tim's strong reputation in the educational marketplace directly contributed to us achieving an excellent outcome.' 

Founder, Australian Educational Assessment Company

Timberly Williams


  • Support founders and CEO’s in increasing the value of their business

  • Create partnering strategies that increase sales and long term value

  • Support in finding investors or strategic partners

  • Search and Find of Acquisition targets across global markets

  • UK & International Market Analysis & Research

  • Develop ‘go to market’ strategies to support sales and revenue growth

  • Sales Training to enable businesses to sell more and sell better in your chosen markets

Examples of Services

  • Advice on how to enhance the long-term value of your business

  • Pre Due Diligence & Strategy Healthchecks

  • Partnering Strategies to support long-term value growth

  • Search & find of potential acquisition targets

Rajeev Menon

Over the past decade or so, I have interacted with Tim at length and had multiple discussions on the emergence of Edtech and Assessments globally. I found that Tim had an astute sense of understanding the nuances in these businesses across multiple geographies and had a wide understanding of the different business strategies that would work in each situation. I found his commercial and pricing strategies extremely smart and sound and all of this has clearly helped establish him as a go-to person in the global Ed Tech space.

James Redgate

“Tim is a highly credible Sales Trainer. He has a wealth of experience developed through a career as an extremely successful salesperson and sales leader, operating across a wide range of technology markets with a global outlook. This experience has enabled Adactia to develop a clear set of sales tools and techniques that provide a consistent framework for defining and executing sales campaigns that work in the real world”

Anupam Mangudkar

Adactia has been instrumental in helping us understand the international Assessment markets for WeShine Tech.

Tim also had a perfect profile in helping us understand the M&A process when the opportunity came by.

He provided extremely valuable advice during the acquisition of WeShine Tech and guided us through each step.  It helped us complete the process smoothly and successfully in less than 4 months. 

Thank you,Tim for your invaluable advice and guidance. 

John O’Halloran

I have known Tim professionally for over 20 years in his senior roles. I have been consistently impressed by Tim's ability to understand and analyse markets and then to develop successful sales and marketing strategies. Tim has considerable commercial insight and acumen and I have seen first-hand the significant benefits this has brought to organisations in the UK and Global Ed-Tech and Public Sector markets’


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